Saturday, December 29, 2012

Video on Hobb's site

Go watch this video on the Hobb's quilt batting site that will give you a peek into the manufacturing process. It shows the fibers being carded and cross lapped and needle punched and bonded.

 Makes some of the terminology I have taught you come to life when you can see what it is I was talking about, if you are a visual person like myself.
 I am almost finished hand quilting my Christmas Cactus quilt. I have used almost and entire 1000 yd. spool of YLI quilting thread.

 Still have to do 3 borders and all the sashings  (I still haven't decided what design to do there, maybe egg and dart) So I just might use this whole spool up before all is said and done.(which blows my mind)
 I am using Hobbs batting in this quilt its the 80/20 cotton/poly blend called Heirloom. I really wish the American batting manufactures would come up with a cotton/wool blend with more wool than what is currently available. Wool has the strongest tensile strength so it can bend back on itself over and over without breaking which translates to us quilters as no permanent fold lines in stored away quilts that don't get re-folded a different way often enough. It also has great loft that traps heat in the winter and that wicks and releases moisture in the summer. It quilts better than anything as far as needling and hangs beautifully too. The only draw backs I can see are allergies to wool (if that is an issue for you or the recipient of the quilt) and bearding which can be dealt with through bonding.
Matilda's has a 60/40 Wool/Cotton that I liked, but it is hard to find  (made in Australia) so I think I will try to find a stateside source and order one for my next project cause that is the TRUE test using it in my own quilts.
Check this out...

 I have quilted so much on this quilt I made a hole in my Thimblelady thimble. I thought the dimple in the thimble was getting deeper from wear as I kept snapping the eyes on my needles (have gone through 3 packs of needles so far), the next thing I knew I went to start a row of stitching and jabbed myself right through the thimble. OUCH that smarts! I am hoping my jeweler can repair it for me, although I have been thinking maybe she has a guarantee on them so I may check out her website and see. I try to use a different dimple but my needle just wants to go there. Trying to force myself to do it is like trying to quilt left handed, makes quilting feel like an effort instead of relaxing.
 Happy New Year to you all!
Remember if you see a new batting or batting line hit the market PLEASE remember to give me a shout!

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