Saturday, March 21, 2015

Current list of tested batts:  The last 6 I am waiting on additional bundles of their batting samples from Winline as they only sent me one sample of each. That will bring my total to 96 tested batts.

Hobbs (12)   200 S Commerce Dr Waco TX 76710                     1-800-433-3357

1. Tuscany Polyester- siliconized resin bonded

2. Polydown-Polyester siliconized resin bonded

3. Thermore-Polyester resin bonded ultra thin patented process

4. Tuscany Silk -90%/10% polyester lightly needle punched light resin bonded

5. Tucany Wool -100% resin bonded

6. Heirloom Cotton Fusible- 80% cotton 20% Polyester resin bonding contains a fusible chemical that fuses to both sides.

7. Heirloom bleached -80% bleached cotton 20% polyester lightly resin bonded

8. Heirloom Black- 80% cotton 20% polyester lightly needle punched resin bonded

9. Heirloom Premium -80% cotton 20% polyester un-bleached lightly resin bonded needle punched

10. Heirloom Natural -100% organic cotton needle punched

11. Heirloom Bleached- 100%cotton needle punched

12. Heirloom Natural -w/ scrim un-bleached needle punched

Quilters Dream (9)  589 Central Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23454  1-888-268-8664

13. Dream Poly- request loft 100% polyester needle punched no resin no scrim

14. Dream Poly- select loft 100% polyester needle punched no resin no scrim

15. Dream Orient- select loft silk, tencel, bamboo and cotton blend needle punched no resin no scrim

16. Dream Green -select loft 100% recycled plastic bottles needle punched no resin no scrim

17.Dream Cotton -request loft 100% cotton  needle punched no resin  no scrim

18. Dream Blend- select loft 70% cotton 30% polyester needle punched ultra light scrim

19. Dream Cotton -select loft 100% cotton needle punched no scrim no resin

20. Dream Midnight -black request loft 100% polyester needle punched no resin no scrim

21. Dream Angel -request loft 100% flame retardant fibers needle punched

Mountain Mist (8) 2551 Crescentville Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45241 1-513-326-3912

22. Blue Ribbon- 100% cotton needle punched water soluble resin bonded

 23. Cream Rose -100% cotton needle punched no scrim no resin

24. Cotton Blossom- 95% cotton 5 % wool resin bonded

25.Cotton Blossom- 95% cotton 5 % silk  resin bonded

26. Mountain Mist -Light 100% polyester resin bonded

27. Mountain Mist Gold -50% cotton 50% polyester needle punched resin bonded

28. Heritage Collection Completely Cotton -100%  cotton lightly needle punched resin bonded

29. Eco Craft -50% PLA (corn) 50% cotton carded  resin bonded

Fairfield (12)  P.O. Box 1130 Danbury CT 06813                        1-800-980-8000

30.Poly-fil low loft- 100% polyester low melt bonded

31.Poly-fil Traditional Craft Batt- 100% poly needle punched

32.Poly-fil Hi Loft -100% poly low melt bonded

33. Poly-fil Extra loft batting- 100% poly low melt bonded

34. Fairfield Machine 60/40 -60%bleached Cotton/40%Poly needle punched w/ scrim

35. Fairfield Soft Touch -100% bleached cotton needle punched No scrim or seed waste

36.Fairfield Quilters -80/20 Blend unbleached 80%cotton/20% poly needle punched

37.Fairfield Cotton Classic- 100% Organic cotton no scrim unbleached water based bonding

38. Fairfield Bamboo Batting- 50% organic cotton 50% bamboo needle punched w/ scrim

39.Fairfield Fusi Boo- bamboo, rayon, cotton blend, Fusible, needle punched

40.Fairfield Wool -100% wool, resin bonded, unbleached

41. Nature-Fil- 50% rayon from Bamboo 50% organic cotton, needle punched w/ scrim

Fiberco (10) 1300 Eden Drive Ft Worth, TX 76117                               1-800-828-3778

42. Simply Cotton -100% cotton bleached needle punched w/ scrim

43. Soy Soft- unbleached 50% cotton 50% soy needle punched w/ scrim

44. Bamboo Blend -50%certified organic bamboo 50%Ultra-Clean ® cotton unbleached needle punched w/scrim

45. Simply Cotton -100% unbleached needle punched w/ scrim

46. Earth Blend -50% Flax 50% cotton unbleached needle punched w/scrim

47. Simply Bamboo- 100% bamboo unbleached needle punched w/ scrim

48. Simply Soft and Safe- 100% Rayon needle punched

49. Poly Perfect -100% polyester needle punched w/ scrim

50. Soft & Elegant-80% cotton 20% poly unbleached needle punched w/scrim

51. Super Soft Cotton- 50% bleached cotton 50% slick poly needle punched w/scrim

Back to Back Alpaca(2)  5901 E McKellips Suite 109 Mesa, AZ 85215  1-480-445-9068

52. 50/50 Alpaca/ Cotton- needle punched unbleached

53. 60/40 Alpaca/Wool -needle punched unbleached

Moda (3)   13800 Hutton Dr. Dallas, TX 75234

54. Luna Kyoto- 50%Bamboo 50% Cotton unbleached needle punched w/scrim

55. Luna Loft -80% Cotton 20% poly unbleached needle punched w/ scrim

56. Soy Soft - 50% Soy 50% Cotton unbleached needle punched w/ scrim

The Warm Co (7).  5529 186th Place SW Lynnwood, WA 98037 1-425-248-2424

57.Soft & Natural-100% cotton unbleached needle punched no scrim

58. Warm Blend -50% cotton 50% poly bleached needle punched w/ scrim

59. Insul-Bright -100% hollow polyester needle punched through metalized insulating poly

60. Warm & Natural- 100%cotton unbleached needle punched w/ scrim

61. Warm & Safe- 100% Rayon needle punched w/ scrim

62 Soft & Bright -100% hollow Polyester needle punched w/ scrim

63. Warm & White -100% bleached cotton needle punched w/ scrim

Whisper Color (1) 5709 Ravenswood Lane Carmichael, CA 95608   1-916-531-3163

64. Whisper Color -100% Bamboo unbleached needle punched thin scrim

Cedarview Farms (1) 1-519-864-4470 3028 Kimball Road Courtright, ON

65. 100% Wool-open batt no scrim no resins

Pellon –Legacy (17) 1- 727-388-7171

66. Soy Blend -50% Soy 50% cotton needle punched w/ scrim

67. Bamboo Blend-50%cotton/50%bamboo blend, needle punched w/ scrim

68. White Cotton-100% bleached cotton, needle punched, no scrim

69. Natural Cotton- 100% natural cotton needle punched, no scrim

70. Wool- 100% super washed wool thermal bonded w/ binder fibers

71. Natural 80/20 Blend- 80% cotton/20% poly, needle punched bonded, no scrim

72. 100% Polyester- Bonded (pre-test on dark fabrics for bearding) no scrim

73. 100% White cotton WS/-100 % bleached cotton, needle punched with scrim

74. 100% Natural Cotton W/S-unbleached, needle punched with scrim

Pellon Legacy (16) con’t.

75. Natural Blend 80%cotton/ 20% polyester, needle punched to a light scrim

76. Light Blend-50%bleached cotton/50%slick polyester, needle punched w/ scrim

77. Dark Blend-70% bleached cotton that has been dyed black, 30%.Polyester needle punched, with scrim

78. Flax Linen Blend-50%cotton/50%flax (linen, needle punched w/ scrim

79. FR Rayon-Fire resistant 100% rayon, needle punched w/light weight scrim, shrinkage 4-6%pre-soaking recommended

80. Ultra Thin Poly-(998) 100% siliconized micro denier polyester fibers

81. Pellon Fleece-(988) 100% polyester needle punched

82. Thermolam Plus-100% polyester, needle punched

designed for home dec & craft projects

Matilda’s Own

83. Matilda’s 60%Wool/40%cotton


84. Matilda’s 60%wool 40% Poly


85. Matilda’s 100% wool


86. Matilda’s 60% silk/40% cotton


. Bosal (1)


 87.Katahdin Autumn 100% cotton


Other (3)

88. Heat Press Fuses pieces of batting together


89. 100% Cotton flannel -purchased by the yard at Joann’s

byAnnie (product not intented for Quilts, great for quilted bags and totes)


90.Soft and Stable black 100% Poly


Soft and Stable white100% Poly


91. Winline black cotton/poly

92. Winline cotton beached

93. Winline cotton natural

94. Winline cotton/Poly

95. Winline 50/50 Bamboo/ organic cotton

96. Winline 100% bamboo

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sew Excited, I found a yet undiscovered (by me anyway) batting line and have requested samples to test. The company is called Winline. They may be available in your area but I have never seen it in Florida and only found them through an ad in MaryJane's Farm. They offer natural cottons, organic bamboo, polyester batting, blends of the afore mentioned and get this they will make a custom request batting or blend to fit your quilting needs. Best part they are made in the U.S.A.
So look for a new additions to my batting sample line up be continued! here's the link

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Video on Hobb's site

Go watch this video on the Hobb's quilt batting site that will give you a peek into the manufacturing process. It shows the fibers being carded and cross lapped and needle punched and bonded.

 Makes some of the terminology I have taught you come to life when you can see what it is I was talking about, if you are a visual person like myself.
 I am almost finished hand quilting my Christmas Cactus quilt. I have used almost and entire 1000 yd. spool of YLI quilting thread.

 Still have to do 3 borders and all the sashings  (I still haven't decided what design to do there, maybe egg and dart) So I just might use this whole spool up before all is said and done.(which blows my mind)
 I am using Hobbs batting in this quilt its the 80/20 cotton/poly blend called Heirloom. I really wish the American batting manufactures would come up with a cotton/wool blend with more wool than what is currently available. Wool has the strongest tensile strength so it can bend back on itself over and over without breaking which translates to us quilters as no permanent fold lines in stored away quilts that don't get re-folded a different way often enough. It also has great loft that traps heat in the winter and that wicks and releases moisture in the summer. It quilts better than anything as far as needling and hangs beautifully too. The only draw backs I can see are allergies to wool (if that is an issue for you or the recipient of the quilt) and bearding which can be dealt with through bonding.
Matilda's has a 60/40 Wool/Cotton that I liked, but it is hard to find  (made in Australia) so I think I will try to find a stateside source and order one for my next project cause that is the TRUE test using it in my own quilts.
Check this out...

 I have quilted so much on this quilt I made a hole in my Thimblelady thimble. I thought the dimple in the thimble was getting deeper from wear as I kept snapping the eyes on my needles (have gone through 3 packs of needles so far), the next thing I knew I went to start a row of stitching and jabbed myself right through the thimble. OUCH that smarts! I am hoping my jeweler can repair it for me, although I have been thinking maybe she has a guarantee on them so I may check out her website and see. I try to use a different dimple but my needle just wants to go there. Trying to force myself to do it is like trying to quilt left handed, makes quilting feel like an effort instead of relaxing.
 Happy New Year to you all!
Remember if you see a new batting or batting line hit the market PLEASE remember to give me a shout!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I am sorry I have not posted the results but its not because I have not done them it is because I still have not received the batting samples from Innovative Craft Products. I wrote them again but still nothing, so frustrating! I just don't understand as I spoke to them on the phone and they seemed excited to be included in my project. I got all ready to test these products as I love making totes and purses I had a personal interest as well. If I come across these products at my LQS I may go ahead and purchase and test for bag/tote making as I know how many quilters enjoy making these (even though we already have so many) It's "sew" addictive!

Monday, September 19, 2011

New batting samples are on the way!

Have some new batting samples from Innovative Craft Products on the way for me to test, these were created for making bags, totes and purses (I am told they will give your tote/purse  projects that "Vera Bradley" feel) They are including a stiff, non-woven fusible product called Inn-spire that can be used to mold fabrics into a desired shape,which could be used to mold purses and bags or if you are an art quilter this might be right up your alley! Here is a link to the products:

I'll let you know what I think when I get my samples made.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just finshed the batting samples for Matilda's own brand

I received 4 samples from Matilda's Own line a 100% wool batt, a wool/cotton blend, a wool/poly blend and I believe the last one is a Silk/cotton blend but I am not 100% percent sure and have put in a call to the person who sent them to me to make sure as I cetainly do not want to mislabel any samples. That puts the grand total to 87 different samples! These are from a line of batts from Australia, all are needle punched with a light scrim and no binders. For more info on the batting line see the link below-

Friday, March 18, 2011

More batting samples on their way!

Finally was able to make contact with Matilda's and have samples of their batting line on the way!!
Off to buy more muslin to prepare to make samples when the batting arrives!