Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things to Consider before choosing your batting

Things you will need to know (or make decisions about) before you can choose a batting to fit your project-

What is the size of your quilt top? Length________X Width________

What kind of quilt is it?

- Wall




In what climate does the recipient live?



How will it be laundered?

-Frequent, probably thrown in a washer and dryer

-Seldom-by hand, laid flat to air dry

How will it be quilted?




Distance of quilt space recommended by manufacturer? _______

Will the quilt be shown and/or judged?

What do you want the surface of your quilt to look like?

-Smooth and flat

-Puckered/ antique

Do you want your stitches to be accentuated?

Are you willing to pre-soak (preshrink) a batting product before you use it to get the results you want?

Is it more important to you to get the results you want or to buy the batting on sale or with a coupon?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting Mayo Clinic Diet tomorrow

Well I have purged my kitchen of unhealthy choices, bought a new pedometer, picked up my Mayo Clinic diet journal and my refrigerator is stocked with fresh pre-measured portions of healthy fruits and vegetables. Tommorrow is day one of the "Lose it" phase which is 14 days long. I have read the book and set my goals, taken my measurements. I  had a lot of false starts last year, do good for a week or two and then...fall back into late night snacking and other bad habits. Menopause hit me like a ton of bricks a couple of years after the quitting smoking weight gain and wa-la I find myself 50 lbs over weight and I cannot get out of my own way. The increase of weight is starting to give me joint issues so thats enough of that. Anybody out there want to join me, I love to hear from ya!

Here is what I have so Far

The total for batting samples is at 56. I am going to update the batting I have tested list after I post this. I had a few more request to batting manufactuers out there but have not recieved a response, so at this point I am assuming they don't wish to be included in these trials.

Here is a picture of all the samples...
Doesn't look like as much work as it was just hanging there. Trying to compile a handout for the trunk show but way too much going on this week. I watch a 10 month old little boy every Monday all day, Tuesday dentist appt.,Wednesday is my local TAS chapter meeting, so it looks like it will be Thursday before I can get back to that.

This morning I woke to ice in the dog's outside water bowl! Look at this photo of the thermometer at 8:30 AM