Thursday, January 7, 2010

Four more samples to work up and I am done!

I have to quilt and bind my last 4 samples and I am caught up! Hooray! Then I need to spend some  time cleaning up my sewing studio. YIKES! There is about 4 projects that were on going in there along with the "batting explosion", I can't find a thing! Never mind think in this confusion. I am posting photos of this mess to shame myself into getting it straighten up.

A garden chair

The freezing cold has found its way to the Sunshine State. All of the shrubs in my yard are frozen. Not  a pretty sight.  These things usually only last a day or two at the most here, this has been going on for days with worse in the forecast. Yesterday I found a little tree frog near deaths door frozen on my driveway . I took him inside and ran warm water over him, I felt him stir ever so slightly in my hand. We were on our way out so I left him in the laundry room sink in the warm house. I came home to find him completely revieved and he is now happily living in my garden chair (which is inside the house until the freeze passes) behind the welcome sign. Maybe he bring me good favor and I won't have to do much of that frog sewing this year... rip it rip it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What do you think????

I received some wonderful comments from Marit in Norway and she has what I thought were some great ideas, she said "I even wonder if it would be fun to do a quilting sample swap: quilt a sandwich, wash it, cut it up and send out to the swappers for inspiration / building a sample "library" (adding an unwashed piece of batting for reference)" and I started thinking I have leftover batting every time I make a quilt as I imagine all of you do too and this would be a great thing to do with those scraps. So I decided to put this out there to see if any of you would be interested in having your own "library" of quilted samples to refer to. I think a lot of you must be like myself and never throw away a scrap of anything even batting and maybe you already have a stash of batting scraps??? The problem will be did you save them in the bag they came in so you know for sure what brand it is?
 Anyway I am putting this idea out there to see what kind of response it receives. In Harriet Hardgraves book "From Fiber To Fabric" on page117 she recommends making your own batting samples and on Harriet's website she even sells a set of samples. Maybe we could form some sort of ring around the world of quilters that share samples made by a certain set of guidelines?
Well, let me know what YOU think!