Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What do you think????

I received some wonderful comments from Marit in Norway and she has what I thought were some great ideas, she said "I even wonder if it would be fun to do a quilting sample swap: quilt a sandwich, wash it, cut it up and send out to the swappers for inspiration / building a sample "library" (adding an unwashed piece of batting for reference)" and I started thinking I have leftover batting every time I make a quilt as I imagine all of you do too and this would be a great thing to do with those scraps. So I decided to put this out there to see if any of you would be interested in having your own "library" of quilted samples to refer to. I think a lot of you must be like myself and never throw away a scrap of anything even batting and maybe you already have a stash of batting scraps??? The problem will be did you save them in the bag they came in so you know for sure what brand it is?
 Anyway I am putting this idea out there to see what kind of response it receives. In Harriet Hardgraves book "From Fiber To Fabric" on page117 she recommends making your own batting samples and on Harriet's website she even sells a set of samples. Maybe we could form some sort of ring around the world of quilters that share samples made by a certain set of guidelines?
Well, let me know what YOU think!


Crispy said...

It's a nice idea but not one I would participate in. I don't experiment with batting (unless a sweet friend sends me a sample). Between my poly bat and now the Orient I'm satisfied waiting until our local guild can bring you here to educate us :0)


linda said...

I'm in the process of doing the same thing. I'm doing a guild presentations on the results. I have plenty of different battings here. I'm a longarm quilter, and sometimes I receive batting from customers that I've never even heard of.

Anonymous said...

Debra, it is a great idea, but one I can't afford to enter into right now. But I would love to hear about anyone that does. I hope you get a few that would be able to swap. I'm not familiar with any but the ones you get at Wal-Mart. LOL