Monday, December 21, 2009

Working up the samples from MM and Warm

Well I think I have enough samples ( I have 54 and will have around 60 when I am done) and materials to begin bringing this information to quilt guilds. Good thing because I believe am starting to get a repetitive task injury in my shoulder from all this machine quilting. It hurts when I am quilting and then later in the day on the days I have been quilting, my hand starts to tingle.
 I still have to buff and fluff my hand out materials, but that and the completeing of the samples will have to wait for the new year as I want to enjoy every second of my holiday. I don't plan to blog this week so I wanted to take this opportunity wish all my readers a wonderful and joyous holiday! I'll be busy making memories with my family, watching my grandchildren delight in the wonder of Christmas! Merry Christmas!