Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last Nights lecture

Last nights lecture at the Manatee Patchworkers was "sew" fun, the ladies "seamed" to enjoy seeing all 63 battings.  LOTS of questions! Lots of interest in the wool batt , except for a few allergic to wool, which is important to note. As much as it is a wonderful product if it is a gift quilt you'll want to ask before you use wool if the recipient is allergic. For those few that are there is always Alpaca which does not contain lanolin and is less likely to cause allergies.
I always get asked, "Whats your Favorite batting?" I try my best to explain there is no one batt that fits for every project. If I tell you my favorite, it might be for a very puckered vintage look that might not suit your taste or your project. BUT I get asked this over and over, so I guess I am going to have to compile a list of what my favorite battings  would be for different situations, although I never wanted it to be about what I like, I wanted  this to be for you read the information I have compiled, to learn about the finishes manufactures use on the battings, see the samples and make your educated decision about what batting best suits your taste/projects. If I was to compile a list what would you like to see included I have started a list below, if you think of any others categories, let hear from you!! I would also LOVE to hear what brand of batting you would vote for each of these categories!
Best for the most antique/puckered look-
Best to hand needle-
Best for smoothest finish-
Best for repeated laundering-
Most Eco-Friendly-
Quilted Rainbow suggested -Best Drape