Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wool - Usually associated with fiber or fabric made from the fleece of sheep or
lamb. However, the term "wool" can also apply to all animal hair fibers, including
the hair of the Cashmere or Angora goat or the specialty hair fibers of the camel,
alpaca, llama, or vicuna.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Warm Samples Arrived!

Finally got the samples from the Warm Co. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow

Batting Terminology-Word of the Day

Wicking - The ability of a fiber or a fabric to disperse moisture and allow it to
pass through to the surface of the fabric, so that evaporation can take place.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


The batting samples from Mountain Mist have FINALLY arrived! They are going to be a real challenge to work with because they are  only about  5" (so small) I am going to have to piece 4 together to be able to cut the them the same size as all the other samples which is finished 8 1/2" because quilting "takes up" some in the process. They did send samples as handouts for my guild so that will be nice when I do the presentation for my TAS chapter in July. I'm off to start quilting. Maybe the Warm Co. package will arrive this week.

Batting Terminology-Word of the Day

Thermal Bonding-Typically the batting fiber has a binder mixed/blended in it that melts at a lower temperature than polyester fiber. The blended web then is passed through an oven where the low temp melt fibers will flow and bond to the surrounding polyester fibers. Problems with this type of bonding are the surface fibers are not secured and allow for migration. They cannot be dry cleaned and break down with regular washing faster than resin bonded products. This type of bonding is sometimes referred to as Glazine.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Batting Terminology-Word of the day

Tencel- A natural, manmade fiber. It is the trade name for the generic fiber Lyocell. Tencel is made from cellulose wood pulp, which is harvested from farmed eucalyptus trees grown on land unsuitable for food crops or grazing. This fiber represents milestones in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. Used in blends it imparts new softness and drape. You will start to see tencel in sheets, exercise wear (as it wicks moisture away), and winter wear insulation, as well as batting.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Batting Terminology-Word of the Day

Splitting a batting-This refers to the peeling apart the layers of a batting into two equal sized batting pieces. The problem with doing this is if the batting is bonded or resin treated once it is “split” only one side is treated and the other size can now beard and migrate.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank you SEW much for your comments!!

Thank you for your posts about what battings you have tried, I really appreciate hearing from you all. Finally got the box from Mountain Mist!! I'm off to quilt~

Batting Terminology-Word of the Day

Spinneret - A metal nozzle type device with very fine holes used in the spinning process of manufactured non woven fibers. The spinning solution is forced or extruded through the small holes to form continuous filament fibers. The holes in the spinneret can vary in diameter to produce fibers of various denier.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Batting Terminology-Word of the Day

Giving  you a few today to make up for yesterday-
Silk Fiber-A fine strong continuous filament produces by the larva of a silkworm when constructing its cocoons. Silk is noted for its strength, resiliency, and elasticity. The major sources of silk are Japan and China.

Size- Batting is available pre-packaged, cut in standardized bed sizes or on rolls in several different widths, by the yard.

Standard pre-packaged sizes: Include- Craft 34X45, Crib 45 X 60, Throw 60 x 60, Twin 72 x 90, Full 81 x 96, Queen 90 x 108, Super Queen 121 x 93, and King 120 x120.

Under the weather...

So sorry I did not get the terminology word of the day up yesterday I have been sick and did not have the strength or inclination to do it. I started antibiotics yesterday and got a good night’s sleep so I am feeling just a little improvement over yesterday. This weather doesn't help one day I have the A/C on the next I am burning a fire in the fire place.
I would love to tell you I am working on samples but I still have not received the samples from Warm Co. or Mountain Mist. It has been two weeks since I called. This is so frustrating to me as I have written 3 letters and sent at least 3 e-mails and called and was told they were on the way 2 weeks ago.
 I have added a few more words to the terminology so they will be coming at you out of alphabetical order here real soon. Would love to hear from any readers who have had issues with any brands of batting or have tried any of the new battings appearing on the shelves with your opinions.