Sunday, December 13, 2009

Under the weather...

So sorry I did not get the terminology word of the day up yesterday I have been sick and did not have the strength or inclination to do it. I started antibiotics yesterday and got a good night’s sleep so I am feeling just a little improvement over yesterday. This weather doesn't help one day I have the A/C on the next I am burning a fire in the fire place.
I would love to tell you I am working on samples but I still have not received the samples from Warm Co. or Mountain Mist. It has been two weeks since I called. This is so frustrating to me as I have written 3 letters and sent at least 3 e-mails and called and was told they were on the way 2 weeks ago.
 I have added a few more words to the terminology so they will be coming at you out of alphabetical order here real soon. Would love to hear from any readers who have had issues with any brands of batting or have tried any of the new battings appearing on the shelves with your opinions.

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