Friday, November 11, 2011

I am sorry I have not posted the results but its not because I have not done them it is because I still have not received the batting samples from Innovative Craft Products. I wrote them again but still nothing, so frustrating! I just don't understand as I spoke to them on the phone and they seemed excited to be included in my project. I got all ready to test these products as I love making totes and purses I had a personal interest as well. If I come across these products at my LQS I may go ahead and purchase and test for bag/tote making as I know how many quilters enjoy making these (even though we already have so many) It's "sew" addictive!


Linda said...

That is disappointing, Debra! Hopefully they will send the samples soon. I am really looking forward to reading your review of these products.

Anonymous said...

I know this has been a lot of work for you and much appreciated. Do you have results of the ones you have tested?