Friday, April 30, 2010

Wow! Wool is amazing

I got one sample done last night and it took me some time to get the hang of  hand needling on this wonderful wool. Your needle springs back at you, it's so resilient.  So I am afraid my stitches are not  great on the sample. I was just starting to get my rhythm when I came to the end of the row of stitches.
 I plan to do some hand needling on the next one too, in the hopes I will do this sample justice! I was amazed there was NO bearding. Not when I hand or machine stitched, NONE! I did nothing to prepare the batt, no cheesecloth, nothing. This is not a fine merino wool, it is Suffolk/Dorset cross and they tell me their wool is coarser which is why the bearing is not such a problem, I'm sold!
 I want to sleep under a quilt made with this batt and they have this program if your guild orders 9 batts they will give you a queen size free that can be used for a raffle quilt or whatever you want. All the issues I have heard about wool batts did not present themselves in my testing of this brand.

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