Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Mayhem

During the month of December we normally have a family get together for the annual orange harvest and OJ squeezin'! Everyone picks the tree in our backyard clean and we all squeeze gallons of fresh orange juice. We celebrate my daughters birthday on the 11th and we build & decorate our Christmas gingerbread house. Somehow we managed to do all those things this weekend. I kept my grandson last night for a sleepover and we made the gingerbread for the house. I made a big holiday breakfast this morning and called my daughter and her husband and said "Breakfast is ready!" They came over and we decorated the gingerbread house, picked oranges, juiced them and because Katrina & her husbands family will all be going away to Disney for her birthday we went ahead and did that too. I thought I would share some of our holiday with all of you. (You'll have to excuse my grandsons haircut he cut his own hair the day before Thankgiving and a buzz cut was the only option, it has actually grown quite a bit)

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Crispy said...

Goodness, I hope you have lots of electric orange squeezers LOL. I think you grandson looks much nicer with this haircut than the one he gave himself :0)