Monday, March 7, 2011

Content Information

I heard back from Jeanne about the Heat Press Tape she promptly replied to my e-mail request and informed me the tape is 100% polyester. She also said you really have to do some testing of your own depending on what brand of iron you are using. Here is what she said-
"The fabric content is polyester. The product has a 2 second fuse with the tempature of 250 degrees. Although our irons aren't calabrated in degrees, I have found that the synthetic setting  is a good start for 100% polyester and the rest of the batting contents can go up to the wool setting. In testing, we also found that each iron company has different tempature settings for synthetic to wool. So, the metal sole irons must be tested with the product and a paticular chosen batting content. The teflon sole irons are not as hot and do not present the same problem. Some quilters are using the applique sheets on 100% polyester batting, especially the light fluffy batting that most charities are using today."
Thanks Jeanne for your quick reply and all that great information!

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