Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am SEW ashamed to admit...

that I STILL have not gotten through the Pellon Legacy line. I am working on it at present and had to get up and take a break.(not my favorite thing to do -machine work that is, and this work is so repetitive and boring it is quite difficult to stay focused and on task!) I figured I better get upgraded here too as I have been negligent in keeping up with my blogs again too!!! I WILL finish these samples today!!
 I have been doing some more fiber research and found some interesting facts I thought I would share with you-
Soybean fiber which I thought was a fairly new discovery was in fact invented by Henry Ford in 1937  and was termed as soy “Wool". Henry Ford also made a suit and necktie from soybean fiber (see photo of him in said suit) and used this unique fiber in car upholstery. Soybean like wool was also a victim of the war and the cheaply available man-made fibers.
The new current method of making soybean fiber was invented in 1998 and was promoted in 2000. The advantages of soybean fiber being blended with cotton (50/50) is said to: Enhances the comfort, luster, moisture-permeability, quick-dry and drape properties of cotton. I do have some concerns with the color of the soy batting products showing through the fabrics of our quilt tops as it has a distinctively darker color than un-bleached cotton, with a some what yellow/orange tinge in every brand I have tested. I was really surprised to see what other raw materials fiber manufacturers are using to create new up and coming fiber products Corn (PLA)-there is already batting available made from this, Milk (casein), hemp, banana
and sea weed (called Sea Cell) who knows what other new blends the future of quilt batting will hold. Alright I better get back to work... those samples won't sew themselves!


Linda said...

Debra, Thanks for keeping us updated on all the new fibers that will be available in battings. Very interesting stuff :)

Crispy said...

I wonder if a sea weed batting would smell like low tide if it got wet? Not a smell many would love LOL.