Thursday, September 16, 2010

scissors,scissors and more scissors

I get teased by my friends about how many pairs of scissors
I own. A friend of mine posted her scissors on her blog and I started thinking if I put all my scissors on the table I don't think I could get them all in one shot to take a photo. I am a hairdresser so I have several pairs of hair cutting shears and thinning shears. I am a nail tech so I have 5 pairs of small scissors I use to cut fiberglass & silk wraps. I groom my own dogs so more scissors. I love to cook so I have several pairs of  kitchen shears. I scrapbook so that is about 36 pairs of scissors (all different design blades), I garden so more scissors and shears. Stained glass requires special scissors that trim a little extra sliver off your pattern to allow room for the foil and solder. Have scissors in my giftwrap trunk and at my desk and in the garage and floral design scissors too. OK so maybe I do have a lot of scissors but I use them all!! Here is a shot of just my sewing scissors...


Crispy said...

OMGosh Debra!!! I can see why your friends tease you LOL. Hey, if you use them all then it's all justified LOL.


Linda said...

Wow, Debra - I thought I had a lot scissors! :)

sewbeit said...

Now I have to admit I don't use all the scissors in the red round scissor holder anymore since I discovered Dovos. But I bought the best I could afford at the time and kinda moved up, quality wise along the way. But there are specialty scissors for machine applique, trapunto, paper cutting there I DO still use regularly.