Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have been so busy!

I have been filling my days with dieting (preping food, planning menus), exercising , walking 3 miles a day and car shopping, so sadly I have done nothing toward getting my handouts in order. But I did get a new car!! This weekend I am vending at the Manatee Quilt show w/ my buddy Dani who will be there with me and all her beautiful quilts and patterns. I am just now starting to make the Thread Caddies for this show I have no idea how I let time get away from me I am not usually a last minute Nelly, but here I am in a panic while gearing up for a mass production. I will just get as many as I can made in the next 4 days and thats the best I can do. So for now I have moved the batting to the back burner while I attend to these pressing matters, BUT I will return to this agenda, I promise.
Until then-

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