Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanks Crispy

Well I see that Crispy at Crispy Quilts has been testing quilting on the sample piece of Quilters Dream Orient batting I sent her. Sorry the piece was so small Crispy but thats what they sent, pre-cut pieces.
 She liked the way it needled after she got it sandwiched between two pieces of fabric she could pass a needle through. :) lol (I have been there, done that, after buying yards of such a fabric for a backing, getting it layered and basted, only to discover the only way to pass a needle through it was if I shot it from a cannon!)
 I have to ask her how she hooped it? I had so much trouble trying to figure out how I was going to do the hand stitching on these little samples, the small hoops kept getting in my way- I ended up using a border hoop. Wonder what Crispy used??
 Thanks for taking the time to test this little sample Crispy!! Oh I forgot to ask if she laundered it when she was done so she could see how wonderfully it puckers up! You can learn more about Orient here. If I make a quilted garment of any kind this is the batting I would choose for it drapes so nicely.

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Crispy said...

Hi Debra,

You asked how I hooped the piece... Well I sewed 6 inch wide strips of scrap fabric all around the top and bottom fabrics. I then centered the batting on the wrong side of the top fabric and basted it down. I used a sturdy embroidery hoop instead of my usual quilting hoop. It worked great.

Yes I did launder it when I was done and loved how it looked.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to test it out, it was fun :0)