Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How it all began

I was in my local Jo Ann's the other day looking for batting for a quilting project. I saw this woman in the batting aisle picking up packages of batting reading the labels. If they had a twist tie closure she was opening the bags and feeling the battings. She looked really confused and frustrated and I felt like I could so relate to that frustration. I picked out the same old batting I always get not because I am all that thrilled with it but because I have used it over and over and I know what results I can expect. That woman stuck in my head for days while I was quilting my project. I kept thinking how many other quilters like me have only tried one or two brands of batting and stick with those for every project because we know what to expect? I started to think -"What if I made washed and un-washed samples of all the battings on the market and tested them for hand needling and took them to guilds so quilters could see and feel the results..."
I bounced the idea off a few of my close friends and some of the gals in my online groups. They were very interested. So I compiled a letter and sent an e-mail to a few batting manufactures requesting samples of their products. Three days later I returned home from running errands to find a box on my front from the Quilters Dream Company... and that was the beginning of me going completely batty.

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